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Tavshan Pasha : Handmade Ethnic Comfiness.

But what does a rabbit, an oriental style, and a former software developer have in common?

Let me introduce myself: I’m Leandro, and throughout this story, I am the former software developer, and also the rabbit by some measure. Why the rabbit? Well, each of us has his own animal totem, isn’t that so?

The Tavshan Pasha project was born totally by chance at a peculiar moment in the beginning of 2017. At that time, I was going through a deep existential and working crisis, in which my passion for the world of computer programming had brought about a deadlock on my future prospects. I had been in this stalemate for a long time, and frankly, I had already giving up all hope for a solution. But as you know… the most beautiful things often happen unexpectedly!

It could have been the afternoons spent as a child together with my grandfather, a carpenter. Or the tailoring skills of my grandmothers. Or my passion for travel, and for the style and colors of the Orient. Or the desire to participate in the foreground, in the creation of something unique that can go beyond the ordinary and slowly become a part of our reality, made of standardization and mass-produced.

All these things would have been together: the fact however, is that suddenly a flash in my mind united all the points, bringing forth an idea that immediately had me recharged with enthusiasm, hope and fun: Tavshan Pasha!

“Tavşan Paşa” in Turkish means “The Pasha Rabbit”. I immediately attributed to this kingly and sly character, the desire to surround itself with comfortable and colorful objects and accessories, strictly handmade, and from fabrics that come from afar…

As far as raw materials are concerned, Turkey is my main source of supply. For years now, my heart has been buried in Istanbul, and through this activity, I can only celebrate, one artifact after the other, the love for colors, scents and the atmosphere that I find every time I return to walk on the Bosphorus.

But let’s not forget that the Silk Route is very, very long… several journeys still await me, and I hope to be able to live them together with all of you.

Follow the Rabbit on the Silk Route!