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On the way back: Greece

November 22, 2018 Travel Blog
After a long stay in İstanbul, time has finally come to go home. No sadness or melancholy, however: just as it has been thought, this journey does not have a real “return” but only other destinations: now it’s up to [...]
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Welcome to İstanbul

November 21, 2018 Travel Blog
We arrived. We have arrived, and I can not believe it. The feeling is indescribable. Not only does the emotion of returning to this city never runs out, even after the fifteenth stamp in the passport; but this time, there [...]
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Sofia and Bulgaria

November 03, 2018 Travel Blog
Sofia Serbia has passed fairly quickly, including road pits and rather inaccessible natural parks. With an extra sprint we therefore directly passed to Bulgaria, and after only a handful of miles here we already were in Sofia! This city surprised [...]
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October 16, 2018 Travel Blog
After an exhausting crossing of the Bosnian mountains and a very strict checkpoint at the border, we finally entered Serbia! Here the landscape changes again, and although Cyrillic alphabet is now everywhere, the poor maintenance of streets and towns, the [...]
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Bosnia: Sarajevo

September 24, 2018 Travel Blog
After a day spent in Mostar, and after an overly abundant lunch we decide to head towards Sarajevo. The road is long, narrow, dark, uphill, dotted with narrow tunnels and clogged by slow trucks: to make it short in the [...]
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Bosnia: Mostar

September 23, 2018 Travel Blog
The first impact with Bosnia was quite… Weird. After Slovenia and Croatia this would have been the first “serious” frontier to cross, so we were all set to face the border police .. When, at our stop at the first [...]
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Southern Croatia: Zara, Šibenik, Split

September 17, 2018 Travel Blog
After the refreshing woods and waterfalls we went southbound to enjoy the sun and the sea of ​​the Croatian coast. I must say that the weather here is totally different, we are still in the middle of summer and there [...]
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Parco nazionale dei Laghi di Plitviče

September 15, 2018 Travel Blog
Here we are finally in the middle of the Croatian woods. After a long wandering between mountains and country roads, we spend a quiet night in a small village called Plaški before reaching the Plitviče National Park. We realize that [...]
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Around Istria : Koper, Umag, Rovinj, Pula, Rijeka

September 08, 2018 Travel Blog
We finally crossed the Italian border! This is the first time I drive abroad, and more particularly the first time I cross a border on a vehicle driven by me. I really feel like a baby, an anxious newcomer, scared [...]
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September 06, 2018 Travel Blog
The last Italian stop of this trip is Trieste. In this splendid Austro-Hungarian city on the extreme border of Friuli, you can already feel the Slovenian border is there, just a stone’s throw away, now no longer guarded. The day [...]
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