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October 16, 2018 Travel Blog

After an exhausting crossing of the Bosnian mountains and a very strict checkpoint at the border, we finally entered Serbia!
Here the landscape changes again, and although Cyrillic alphabet is now everywhere, the poor maintenance of streets and towns, the strange looks of the few inhabitants encountered and the rubbish everywhere reminds us so much something familiar … it really looks like Italy let’s say!
After a short break in a camping in the open country to give us a refresh and a bit of refreshment, we can finally get back on the highway (here the Bunnyvan begins to feel way much important, since the toll booths label it as TIR!) and reach Belgrade.
In Belgrade we are really in the ex-beating heart of the former Yugoslavia. This elegant and historically rich city is located right on the point where the Danube and the Sava come together, creating a splendid panorama. We lost ourselves among its Orthodox churches, its charming and decadent avenues, the walls of the Kalemegdan fortress … and needless to say it among innumerable dishes of local food!