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#RomaIstanbulOnTheRoad : Meet the BunnyVan!

August 29, 2018 Travel Blog

#RomaIstanbulOnTheRoad: Day #1 is getting closer, now less than a week left to the beginning of this trip!

In the meantime, I would like to make a small introduction in addition to presentations.

Tavshan Pasha was born practically from scratch: a piece of white cotton, a spool of black thread, a pack of needles and one of pins. After one year of activity I have to say that I own a good supply of raw materials, tools and accessories; however, what turned out to be a crucial, irreplaceable and faithful companion of adventures is just him: the BunnyVan!

The BunnyVan (whose official Italian spelling is “Furgonijo”) is technically a LPG powered Piaggio Porter 1.3 from some time ago, purchased this year from a kind southern painter. I was looking for a compact van, capacious, cheap and preferably cute, when suddenly … there it was! It was love at first sight: my heart melted in front of those tiny dimensions and that funny potato shaped van. After less than a week it was already under my house of course!

That’s when I renamed it BunnyVan. I appeal to those of you who have ever owned a dwarf rabbit: you must admit that they really look alike, as pictured here on the left!

Thanks to BunnyVan I was able to start pushing myself out of the city, outside the province and even outside the region to take part in new events or flea markets, and make my activity known to a growing number of people. But other than that, the freedom I gained made me wake up one day with this idea: “I want to go back to Turkey … on four wheels!”

During the last days the preparations for the trip have mainly interested him: a nice complete service/inspection, new lights, thorough interior cleaning, new storage rack with night lights … every detail useful to make the BunnyVan our best travel companion!

Follow us from Monday 3rd September along the Silk Route and support the project on GoFundMe!