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On the way back: Greece

November 22, 2018 Travel Blog

After a long stay in İstanbul, time has finally come to go home. No sadness or melancholy, however: just as it has been thought, this journey does not have a real “return” but only other destinations: now it’s up to Greece!

Us, the BunnyVan and our load of fabrics arrived therefore in Greek land from the border of İpsala. I must say that the change is sudden and unsettling: we move from the lively and continuous swarming of the turkish places to a strange, dark desolation that reigns over cities and countryside.
Surely Greece is the first European outpost on our return journey, so it is normal not to breathe that … “special thing” that can only be found in Turkey; but it is also true that in this historical moment Greece is still crushed by a very heavy crisis that can be recognized in the empty streets, in the closed shops, in the crumbling infrastructures.

Fortunately, however, it does not take long to immerse yourself in the charm of their millennial culture. There are so many places to visit and you’ll be spoiled for choice!
From the gallery of this post you can admire: Thessaloniki, Thermopylae, Delphi, Athens, Nauplia, Corinth and Acrocorinth. The stops were obviously much more numerous, but I tried to summarize with what we liked best!

Our return trip, the real one, started from the port of Patras. An interminable boat crossing to Brindisi, and an endless BAD highway to Rome.
All the beautiful places we met on this trip now seem almost a distant dream: for the first time we have to confront with saudade by land, even if I hoped that the slower rhythms of a non-airplane trip could save us from suffering …!

Ofe fact remains: this was truly the most beautiful journey of our life.

6000 kilometers , 8 nations and a small BunnyVan that was also our house all the time.

All that’s left is to unroll all the new fabrics and start sewing!

Thank you all!