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Southern Croatia: Zara, Šibenik, Split

September 17, 2018 Travel Blog

After the refreshing woods and waterfalls we went southbound to enjoy the sun and the sea of ​​the Croatian coast. I must say that the weather here is totally different, we are still in the middle of summer and there is a very low humidity: weather forecast in hand, 36% which compared to the Roman heat we are used to, really feels like heaven!
The first city we met is Zara. The splendor. Of all this part of Croatia it was the one that we liked the most. Like many other cities on this stretch of coast, it overlooks the sea and its extensive archipelago of islands. The historic center is all built of white stone, and contains churches, walls and ruins from Roman times onwards. The whole promenade has been skilfully redeveloped after the end of the Yugoslav wars, and now you can admire a long and elegant walk through the trees and the waves. Not for nothing the view from this place is called “the best sunset ever” … But there’s more!
Thanks to the work of the architect Nikola Bašić, the Zadar promenade can boast of two unique works: the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun.
The Sea Organ is a real organ played by the sea. Through a system of pipes, vents and resonance boxes, the pressure of the waves collected by pipes positioned under the pier produces a continuous melody in several chords that change in amplitude and volume depending on the force of the waves. Sitting watching the sunset while the organ plays along the rhythm of the sea is truly something mystical and unforgettable.
The Greeting to the Sun, on the other hand, is more halfway between new age and cybernetic. A disk on the floor of about ten meters in diameter, consisting of solar panels and a network of LEDs. During the day the panels accumulate energy for the night “show”, and at sunset the LEDs start to light up in absolutely unexpected patterns and sequences.
Works of art so accessible to the public, cleanliness, beauty and elegance: Zara is truly a city that knows how to entertain!

Šibenik is all built on a mountain overlooking the sea. Stairs and steps climb among the ancient buildings of the center, and at the level of the pier a row of delicious restaurants is accompanied by the view of the boats moored along the coast road.

As a closing stop for this tour of Croatia, we parked the van in a small street in Split.
Split right from the beginning has become evident in our eyes as a living, true and vital city. Thousands of people, tourists and not, walking among the avenues in white stone, on the promenade, in the maze of streets and squares inside the center, inside and outside theaters and restaurants, within the perfectly preserved walls of Diocletian’s palace. The light coldness of the Croatians we were used to here no longer feels: you can smell south, and it looks like to be somewhere between Lecce and Greece.
Even the food has changed: we have passed from the caloric plates with which to warm up, to more Mediterranean choices that in some way made me think of Turkey .. that we will reach soon !

But it’s time to start again! We are now very far to the south, what better excuse to grant us a visit to Bosnia?

See you next time!