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September 04, 2018 Travel Blog

Venezia… mi ricorda istintivamente İstanbul
stessi palazzi addosso al mare
rossi tramonti che si perdono nel nulla…
(Venice instinctively reminds me of Istanbul
Same palaces standing right on the sea
Red sunsets fading to nowhere…)
[Franco Battiato]

Venice … what can I say about Venice? A unique, unforgettable place. Anything I can say could be trivial. So I will only say only that:

# 1 – at almost 32 years old that was finally time to visit Venice!

# 2 – Venice is wonderful.

# 3 – Venice is wonderful and only one day there is absolutely not enough to see all that basic you should see.

# 4 – Venice is also a suffering city. You can tell by the hundreds of souvenir stalls, bed and breakfasts, poor quality restaurants everywhere. Posters and graffiti on the walls shout that this beautiful city is dying, with an unstoppable escape of citizens and a slow conversion of the Laguna to an ugly open-air commercial-tourist center. I hope things can change soon. Meanwhile, see you soon!

Next stop: Trieste!