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Welcome to İstanbul

November 21, 2018 Travel Blog

We arrived.

We have arrived, and I can not believe it.

The feeling is indescribable. Not only does the emotion of returning to this city never runs out, even after the fifteenth stamp in the passport; but this time, there is the brand new, unprecedented and overflowing emotion of having come here on our own wheels!
Not just on our own wheels, but also with our own strength!
Not only with our own strength, but also to be able to supply me with beautiful fabrics!
And not only for the new fabrics, but to continue, thanks to this journey, my work and life project that is Tavshan Pasha!

In short: there are no adequate words, now as in all the other times that the heart has brought me back to these places. Let’s say that in the meantime I will let the live Facebook video talk for itself!
Since the beginning of the trip I had sworn that, unless heart failure caused by the thrill of arriving in Turkey, I would have filmed the live video of our passage on the famous Bosphorous bridge … and so it was! Indeed we were very lucky having found practically zero traffic and a beautiful sunny weather … click on play and enjoy!

Like every time, returning to İstanbul represents a vibrant breath of oxygen for me. Being here is something that reconciles me with the world and with myself, and I finally feel like I’m in the right place for me. As always, the first people I met are my beloved Turkish friends, who live on the Asian side; as usual the first crossing to the European shore I do it strictly by ship, starting from Kadıköy up to one of the ends of the Galata bridge.
This is the moment that establishes my official arrival in İstanbul: when the ferry begins to make its way into the Golden Horn channel, completing the maneuvers to dock, the breathtaking view of all the central districts of the city opens up. First Sultanahmet with its skyline of minarets and the palace of the Sultans, then the palaces and mosques of Eminönü which climb up the hill, then the Galata bridge, and finally Karaköy and Beyoğlu, from which stands out the outline of the Tower of Galata.
Faced with this show I can not help but remain enchanted and moved to let me carry by the waves to the port, while in my heart I feel the same as when you finally plunge into the arms of your beloved one.
Once off the ship, however, the mood changes to euphoric: and here is how we start to explore the city, between the streets that I now know by heart and new areas still to be discovered. After all it is very difficult to get bored in a city of 17 million inhabitants and 5400km² of surface!

The colors of İstanbul

İstanbul is indeed the Gateway to the East, today as in the past. Here for centuries civilizations, religions and styles are mixed, creating something unique that represents the harmony between all these so different souls.

Traditional colors and patterns can easily be found in the beautiful fabrics that bring me here to select them for Tavshan Pasha. This time, thanks to the BunnyVan, I have been able to sort out a load that is much more interesting than usual, and for this I have to thank my friend and fashion-Turkish-correspondent Esin who is always by my side during the long days spent visiting bazaars and fabric shops.

Soon I will publish on Instagram all the new fabrics that I could gather during this trip: do not miss them, and let me know what you think about them!
For now we can finally say: mission accomplished!