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Tavshan Pasha Project 2020 : Year of Nazar


Tavshan Pasha wants to grow up!

So far the size of my business has remained microscopic, since I cannot afford to open a VAT position I am able to sell my products within the legal limits as a hobbyist. In continuing the business, however, the passion has taken over, and I have the intention to expand and make everything official and fully operational.

What better thing then to definitely move to Turkey and open a real company?

To do this there are some steps to take:

1) physically moving to Turkey;
2) request a residence permit;
3) hire a professional for all tax and business duties;
4) invest in machinery and raw materials;
5) hire employees.

Five points seem few, but each of these hides months of hard work and many expenses. The ultimate goal is to set up a craft business based in Istanbul with an international clientele, supported by online sales and exhibitions at fairs and festivals around Europe. I intend to hire collaborators directly on site, according to the dynamics of Fair Trade: a fair wage, for unique craft products, and a direct sale without intermediaries. I strongly believe in the value of craftsmanship, capable of going against the current in this world that is increasingly monopolized by large companies that often bring more economic and social impoverishment than wealth in the environments in which they operate.

I decided to call this campaign 2020 Year of Nazar. In the Turkish tradition, the Nazar is the blue and white glass amulet capable of warding off the evil eye and bringing luck. He will take care of making things work; what you can do is contribute to this project with any amount, even small. After all … “Damlaya damlaya göl olur” (drop by drop … a lake is created!)

You can support the campaign on GoFundMe: